Cricket Terms And Expressions – An Overview

Cricket is a very unusual sport, something that sometimes the die-hard cricket fan will admit. Thus, it comes as no surprise that cricket has numerous unusual as well as quaint expressions. For example, you are able to have a’ leggie’ bowling a googly to a night watchman by having an offside area in place. The batsman plays a forward defensive shot and pops a trap to silly mid-on.

Clearly, cricket’s terms & expressions call for a number of explanations. You may also encounter references to cricket in daily usage as “it’s not cricket” or maybe “sticky wicket”. Certainly, it’s not possible to discuss all of cricket’s one of a kind expressions and terms in just a few 100 words but one may come near enough.

Field of play

Pitch- Also referred to as the wicket; it’s the typically bare rectangle during the area Wicket Oddly, that describes the pitch, the stumps plus bails or even the much more abstract idea of a batsman’s dismissal.

crease Please “bat inside your crease” because batting outside of the crease- the gray type on the pitch, before both wicket has attendant risks.

Boundary- Often a rope used to determine the area of play.

Field positions Almost all of the area positions have unusual names. A guidebook to fielding positions is needed for the inexperienced. Several of the distinct names that a person may encounter when following cricket include Silly mid-on and Silly mid-off, Point, Third Man, Midwicket, Square leg, Fine leg, Slips, and Gully. The offside is definitely the edge of the area that the striker faces, while the leg side is the reverse side.

Kinds of matches First class: A very first-class match is an official cricket match which is played over many times (three for a minimum) and also enables 2 innings per team.

Test match: A Test match is a five-day Top class fixture played between nations that have Test match status. You can get more information here at